We are a cosy little noodle house and Izakaya bar right in the heart of Mt Eden Village,
serving the finest Japanese Ramen noodles and a selection of other traditional Japanese cuisine.

We have Orion Beer (Okinawa, Japan) on tap.
Also a fine selection of wine, Japanese sake and Japanese whisky.
So be it a casual dine in with friends or party for more,
we will provide you with a appetizing and enjoyable way to do so.

Welcome to the ZOOLZOOL experience.


Paitan -limited availablility- (Thu-Sun) 15.00
rich chicken flavoured broth reduction, chicken char-shu,bamboo shoot, spinach, spring onion, egg, wakame seaweed
Tonkotsu 15.00
pork charshu, iceberg, bamboo shoot ginger, spring onion, egg
Tantan (HOT) 16.00
pork mince, chilli and sesame sauce, iceberg,mung beans, chilli oil
Teriyaki Chicken 17.00
teriyaki chicken, baby leaves, iceberg, spring onion, tomato, egg
Seafood with chilli sauce 18.50
scallop. squid, prawn, egg, spicy mung bean
Vegetarian 14.00
sesame sauce, iceberg, cucumber, broccoli, capsicum, mung beans, tomato
Paitan -limited availablility- (Thu-Sun) 15.00
rich chicken flavoured broth, chicken char-shu, spinach, bamboo shoot, spring onion, egg, wakame & nori seaweed
Tonkotsu - pork milky broth 15.00
pork charshu, bamboo shoot, ginger, wood ear, mushroom, spring onion, egg, nori & wakame seaweed
Tantan - sesame chilli broth (HOT) 16.00
pork mince, sesame sauce, mung beans, chilli oil
Red Chilli(Tantan) - sesame chilli broth (HOT) 18.00
Red chilli, pork mince, sesame sauce, chilli oil, mung beans, spinach, chilli oil
Miso - chicken & miso broth 15.00
pork mince, bean sprouts, cabbage, carrot, onion, spring onion
Red Chilli(Miso) - chicken & miso broth (HOT) 17.00
Red chilli, pork mince, bean sprouts, cabbage, carrot, onion, spring onion
Shoyu - chicken soy broth 14.50
pork charshu, bamboo shoot, spinach, spring onion, egg, nori seaweed
Shio - chicken sea salt broth 14.50
pork charshu, bamboo shoot, spinach, spring onion, egg, nori seaweed
Seafood with chilli sauce(HOT) 18.50
scallop. squid, prawn, egg, spicy mung bean
Chanpon (Seafood) - soy milk & milk brot -limited availablility- (Thu-Sun) 19.00
prawns, squid, cabbage, carrot, onion, spring onion, mung bean
Vegetarian - sesame & ginger broth 14.00
carrot, onion, cabbage, spring onion
Chanpon (vegetarian) - soy milk & milk broth 14.00
carrot, onion, cabbage, spring onion, mung bean
Extra Noodle 3.00
Extra Rice 3.00
Tossed Edamame 7.0 - 7.5
TASTE : Sea salt, Spicy or Garlic
wasabi & octopas, cucumber
tomato mayo, surimi, lettuce
Chips With Chilli Spice Mayo 8.00
Takoyaki - Octopus Fritter 7.50
deep fried vege dumpling with ponzu dipping
Sea "Gem" Vegetable Salad 12.50
5 kind of seaweed, citrus vineger dressing
Tofu Salad 12.50
tofu, tomato, soy ginger dressing
Tempura Vegetables 14.00
with dashi soy sauce, sea salt, spicy salt
Fried Chicken "Kara Age" 15.50
sweet sour sauce, mayo
Panko Crumbed Chicken "Katsu" 16.5-17
TASTE : Original, Miso, Teriyaki or Ponzu
Teriyaki Chicken Donburi "On rice" 16.50 / 11.00
teriyaki chicken, baby leaves, spring onion, tomato, egg, mayo
Gyoza 6pieces 10.00
pan fried pork dumpling with ponzu dipping
Kakuni 17.00
honey braised pork belly with 2 steamed buns
Char Shu Don 15.50
braised pork scotch fillet, spring onion, sesame oil on rice
Ika Geso 9.00
tempura squid tentacles with spicy mayo
Skewered Spicy Squid 9.00
deep fried squid with ponzu dipping
Crunchy Shrimp 9.50
deep fried shrimp with salt and lemon
Soft Shell Crab 14.00
tempura crab, capsicum, micro green, tempura soy gravy
Ebi Chilli 17.00
grilled prawns sweet chilli aioli
Seared Seafood 18.50
squid, scallop, prawn, round beans, balsamic & soy sauce
Cream Caramels 6.00
Valrhona Chocolate 1.70
Monthly Special Dessert 6.50
Mochi Wrapped Icecream 3 pieces 10.50
with 3 fruits sauce
Yuzu Sorbet 7.00
Salted caramel Ice cream 7.50
Matcha Ice cream 7.50
Wasabi Ice cream 7.50


ZOOLZOOL is the brainchild of Toru Hirae and Kazuya Yamauchi (Kazuya Restaurant),
both award-winning Japanese chefs who have a longstanding presence in Auckland’s restaurant scene.

They wanted to create a place to enjoy delicious, authentic ramen and quality sake.
ZOOLZOOL embodies this dream and offers much more than ramen -
The duo have crafted a menu featuring their favourite Japanese tapas, dessert, wine and whisky.

At present, ramen is becoming familiar to western tastes in the same way that sushi has in the past.
Toru and Kazuya would like to take you on this new journey and introduce you to the best ramen you have ever had.

“We have established this restaurant with a belief that we can showcase this style of Japanese food in Auckland
to you and your friends and we know that you will enjoy dining with us.
We look forward to seeing you soon”

Toru and Kazuya.



405 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024
09 630 4445

*Tue to Sat for Family, for Group Booking 3 +
(seats available upstairs)
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Lunch Tue - Thu : 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Fri : 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Sat : 11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Dinner Tue - Sat : 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Closed Sunday, Monday and public holidays

Close days
06 Feb - Waitangi day
19 Apr - Good Friday
25 Apr - Anzac day